Peter Anderson, author of "Weapons of Peace" confirms Griquatown tokens did not circulate to Morgan Carroll

From: Morgan Carroll
Sent: Wednesday, 30 November 2016 4:49 p.m.
To: Peter Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson
Cc: Scott Balson
Subject: Fw: William Anderson - Griquatown

Hi Peter ( and Elizabeth)

I hope this email find you all both well. I have taken long to reply as I have being attempting to locate a "Griqua' follower in writing an article on the validity of these tokens - no volunteers yet.

WRT the Griqua tokens, I was wondering if you have a good friend who could do additional research into the Griqua tokens of the LMS (or whichever other historical company/ Mint that may unlock information in unraveling the mystery) for a reasonable fee.

The aim of the research is to notate any correspondence WRT the token of the Griqua, who minted them and as well as how many, who paid for them by going through various documents around that time period. I know you have been through the LMS and your word is well accepted. However, I think it imperative that we actually target a research on Griqua tokens to ensure the report afterwards is definitive and hold true to the research topic as it will be published as such in the MTB coinage book (I am busy compiling a token book on South Africa tokens as well so the research findings will be included in that publications as well).

I, like Scott, feel that the Griqua notation was Rev Campbell's own conspiracy theory and only he alone had intentions to either use the tokens as labour hours (which is probably the most plausible notation I can come up with) or that the intent was to introduce them as currency (to who and what they would have traded for is a mystery).

At present, non of the 'Griqua' experts have raised their hand to write an article on the validity of these "currency money'. Only Scott has been brave enough to say his say by putting it on paper.

so, in short, I think it best we conclude this matter by getting elbow deep into known archives to find the truth. Scott may be able to guide as to where to find the most prominent place of finding the facts (or non at all). Most interesting is that if these tokens had been known to the LMS they would have listed the costs in their accounting book and made an admirable note of it in a newsletter etc. Strange, but so far no records are note Griqua tokens by the LMS.

If you are able to assist, please let me know sir.

History untold is history lost.

Secondly, I would like to obtain autographed copy of your books so please let me know how best to go about this.

Should you venture past Vietnamese you are more than welcome to stay over at my residents here. There is more than enough place.



From: Peter Anderson
Date: 3/12/2016 8:51:25 AM
To: 'Morgan Carroll'
Cc: 'Scott Balson'
Subject: RE: William Anderson - Griquatown

Dear Morgan,

Thank you very much for your email. Sadly I am not qualified to comment on the question of the Griqua tokens. My research was focussed on the period William Anderson worked amongst the Griqua people in Griquatown and the other settlements north of the Orange which came to an end in 1820 when he and his wife left Griquatown and moved to Zuurbrak (Suurbrak) where they served for 2 years before beginning in Pacaltsdorp (in 1822).

In none of my research did I ever come across mention of the Griqua tokens or coins. My research mainly involved going through all the letters and journals of Anderson and his colleagues in the LMS (people such as Kramer, Read, Thom, Moffat, Campbell, Phillip, etc) found in the extensive and excellent archives of the LMS in SOAS in London. Of course I also read other contemporary writings (Burchell, Lichtenstein, Backhouse, etc) and various LMS histories, and also consulted more recent academic articles and books on SA history.

So, I am sorry to say, Morgan, I am not able to help. If you were ever able to get to SOAS in London and spend some time in the CMS/LMS archives there maybe you would be able to find the sort of historical information relevant to the question.

I will gladly send you a copy of the second, and I must say improved, edition of Weapons of Peace. If you let me have your mailing address I can post a signed copy to you. Are you in Vietnam? If so I can get a copy to you for US$12. That is cost price plus the postage. If you can send me NZ$16 that would be almost the same. Would it help to send you our bank account details? Or is a cheque (or cash) easier for you? Do let me know.

Many thanks for your kind invitation to visit. My wife and I may be closer from April next year as we are hoping at that time to move to Hong Kong for 2 or 3 years.

All the best,


Peter & Elizabeth (Su Fang) Anderson
PO Box 87333, Meadowbank, Auckland 1742 New Zealand

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