Author of "Weapon of Peace" - Peter Anderson endorses Scott Balson's expertise on the Griqua history (2008)

Peter Anderson (William Anderson's direct descendant and holder of all his diaries and letters covering the period 1815-1820 at Griquatown who wrote the book "Weapons of Peace" in 1995) gives Scott Balson as the expert on the Griqua history to a descendant of Waterboer. Scott Balson had already been in regular contact with Peter Anderson for OVER ten years by email at this time.

Quote from the website linked below:

Our former Pastor, Peter Anderson, has now retired. Peter was born in Zimbabwe and after studying at the University of Cape Town taught geography in a high school in Bulawayo.

Following theological studies at the London School of Theology (formerly known as London Bible College) in the UK, Peter and his late wife Geralyn served with OMF International in Taiwan (1976-82) and Hong Kong in the China Program of OMF (from 1982). In the mid eighties they helped set up the Friends of China Foundation and in 1991 Peter was appointed the International Director of the Jian Hua Foundation (JHF) in which capacity he and Geralyn travelled widely in China and overseas. In 1998 Geralyn was called home to heaven after battling cancer for 14 months.

Peter lived in Asia for a total of 29 years, most of that time in Hong Kong and China.

Peter and Elizabeth were married in 2000. Together they served in JHF for 5 years, based in Hong Kong, before returning to NZ in February 2005. They began their ministry at MBCC on 1st. March, 2006.

Elizabeth was born in Taiwan, spent her early teenage years in Japan and then emigrated to NZ with her family late in 1975. She has taught Japanese at high school and at Unitec and Auckland University. At the end of 2009 she resigned her part-time position in the University of Auckland Faculty of Education in order to give herself more fully to serving in the church.

Peter is a visiting lecturer at the Carey Baptist College in Auckland and has a Master of Theology degree (in missiology) from the South African Theological Seminary.

Peter has written a book entitled ďWeapons of PeaceĒ, first published in 1995, which is the exciting and true story of William and Johanna Anderson, his forebears, some of the earliest missionaries in South Africa.

The Andersons completed just over 10 years as our pastoral couple. They handed over to Ps Abri Brancken at the end of March 2016. Peter feels called to do some more serious writing and has some other exciting short-term ministry opportunities. He and Elizabeth will continue serving as regular members of MBCC.


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From: Peter Anderson
Date: 27/02/2008 7:21:50 AM
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Subject: RE: Waterboers

Dear Mildred,

It was very interesting to hear from you via my Uncle Ralph Anderson. How wonderful to know of descendants of the Waterboers serving in the Bible Society of Namibia!

I am sorry that I do not have any personal contacts or information about your Kokstad relatives. However I would recommend you contact Mr Scott Balson who has a fascinating website full of information. He has researched and written a lot on the Griquas. Take a look at and you will see what I mean. You could write to Scott at and he possibly might be able to help point you in the right direction.

Wishing you all the best. God bless,


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From: Mildred Williams-Mouton - Bible Society of Namibia [mailto:***]
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To: 'Ralph Anderson'; 'Peter & ElizabethAnderson'
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Subject: RE: Waterboers

Thank you! I will appreciate your assistance. I am so excited to see what you can do, because I was really impressed with your website on the family trees. I canít wait to hear from all of you!



Mildred Williams-Mouton
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From: Ralph Anderson [mailto:**]
Sent: 21 February 2008 17:16
To: Peter & Elizabeth Anderson
Cc: Mildred Williams-Mouton - Bible Society of Namibia; Edward Anderson
Subject: Fw: Waterboers

Dear Peter, As the author of Weapons of Peace, this request might well be right up your street. Perhaps you could at least provide a starting point.

Love to all,

U. Ralph.

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From: Mildred Williams-Mouton - Bible Society of Namibia
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Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 4:25 PM
Subject: Waterboers

Dear Sir

The Waterboers were my ancestors, because my gran was a great/grandchild of Andries/Nicolaas Waterboer, but she died 6 years ago and never returned to Kokstad after they left there about 70 years ago. Iíve only recently heard that she was in fact born in Kokstad and not in Namibia (for legal reasons)as I was let to believe. Iíve always wanted to make contact with the family, but it was never possible as I had no idea how to go about it.Apparently, her father had land there, but we never knew this. The old Dutch Bible with all the information (letters etc) did not include any documentation on the land in Griqualand. Could you at least give me someone at the deeds office or a family member of the Waterboers?

Any information will help. Iím in dire straits.